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Johannes Cabal Cabal Fanart
Johannes Cabal Cabal with Pokemon Fanart
Johannes Cabal Cabal Fanart
Movies: Star Trek: Into Darkness [Video]
Movies: Cats on Film Reviews of movies with cats in them.
Words: Word of the Year 2012

There seems to be a small but devoted JC fanbase on Tumblr, so I decided to get myself one -- GeistWorks.

In other news, I'm finally up to date on Castle. The recent Halloween episode at the convention was superb.


I decided to actively read the Dresden Files in order to catch up to the very latest book, Cold Days. I'm slowly working my way through Ghost Story right now which is harder to read because my second favourite character hasn't turned up yet, and probably won't.

Anyway, here are my reviews for all the books I've read in the past month and a bit in the order I read them:

Johannes Cabal: The Detective, Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute, M.R. James: The Haunted Dolls' House and Other Ghost Stories, Volume 2, Dexter: Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dresden Files: Grave Peril #3, Dresden Files: Summer Knight #4, Dresden Files: Blood Rites #6, Dresden Files: Dead Beat #7, Dresden Files: Turn Coat #11, Dresden Files: Changes #12, and Roberts: The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo.


I went to see Skyfall and Argo recently. I imagine that you've already seen Skyfall if you were planning on it. All I have to say is that 1) I liked Q, but I don't ship him with Bond and 2) I felt a little inadequate with Bond going "Omigod, I can only do ten pull-ups and fifty push-ups *sob*."

Argo was really good. Surprising, considering Ben Affleck directed and starred in it. I was already interested in the basic premise, but I was impressed by how taut the final scenes were.

Next: The Hobbit.


I performed impro at a theatre in front of a paying audience a few weeks ago. Felt good to be back. I'm also close to finishing a novel I've been working on and I don't think it's too bad, for once.

I hope everyone's okay and safe, particularly with things like Sandy hitting the US.


Oct. 23rd, 2012 04:05 pm
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The [ghoul] leader made a dismissive gesture with a paw. “We steal bodies. My people, we have stolen three dead popes. The Vatican was very cross. Glass things, chemicals, books, they will be no trouble. Much easier than dead popes.”

“Why on Earth did you steal three dead popes?” asked Cabal.

“First, to make the Vatican very cross. That was funny. Second reason, delicious.”

--Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute.

Johannes Cabal is a misanthropic necromancer dedicated to science. Before the first book (Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer) has even started, he's signed away his soul in return for the secrets of necromancy. To get it back, he marches into Hell and makes a deal with the Devil to deliver one hundred souls within a year. The Devil insists he uses an Evil Carnival, but Johannes doesn't do "fun" and has never even been to a carnival.

If you're British, you can just go into your main library and borrow the first three books in the series. It really is that easy.

Please. Don't let me be alone in this.

Johannes Cabal Series Fanart:

[Fanart] When Evil Walks Abroad (Johannes) by anatidaephobicneuro
[Fanart] Cabal and the Crow by critcrockett
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal Animated Gifs by critcrockett
[Fanart] Some Little Infamy (Johannes & Leonie) by harpymarx
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by herringbones
[Fanart] Johannes & Horst posted by indubitablyjohannescabal
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by keyboardsmashwriters
[Fanart] Cabal Brothers by kingslayin
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Horst Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Johannes The Pony by qualapec
[Fanart] Graveyard Smash (Johannes) by redEight
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by redEight
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Johannes & Horst by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Herr Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Horst Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Philosophical Minefield (Johannes & Horst) by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Agents of Evil (Johannes & Horst) by the-infamous-padfoot
[Fanart] Johannes vs Zombies by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by wallabri
[Fanart, Crossover] Johannes Cabal/Good Omens by wallabri

Images with Mild Spoilers or are Pointless if you haven't Read the Books Already

[Misc] Johannes Cabal's House in Minecraft by enemyterritori
[Misc, Spoilers: The Fear Institute] Zebras from ladykrampus
[Fanart, Spoilers: The Necromancer] Johannes Cabal by plaidypus
[Fanart, Spoilers: The Necromancer] Horst in the Crypt by the-infamous-padfoot
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Anime: Moonphase Not quite sure why I didn't do this years ago, but I tracked down the new Moonphase. I guess I really haven't been paying much attention to anime lately.
Anime: K [Anime] Another ungoogleable anime, starring Namikawa Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, Tsuda Kenjirou, Sugita Tomokazu, Sakurai Takahiro, Fukuyama Jun and Miyano Mamoru. Just started airing.
Anime: Psycho-Pass [Anime] Homophone for 'psychopath' in Japanese. Stars Seki Tomokazu, Nojima Kenji, Ishida Akira and Sakurai Takahiro. Just started airing.
Anime: Zetsuen no Tempest Stars Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Suwabe Jun'ichi and Yoshino Hiroyuki. Just started airing.
Books: Johannes Cabal: The House of Gears On a massive Johannes Cabal kick lately. Here's a free, legal short story featuring him.
Books: How To Introduce Johannes Cabal Into Your D&D Module
Book Reviews: Flashman, Detroit Metal City #1 and Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer.

In the last three months, aside from Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, I've seen three films in the cinema and all of them have been dystopian sci-fi. So in order of release/viewing and in reverse order of how well I remember them:

Total Recall

Did I really not review this one here? I know I posted about it on Twitter, Facebook and Absolute Write.

Anyway I loved the aesthetics of this. It's a beautiful, grimy, sci-fi landscape that seemed like it could be an updated version of Blade Runner. I must admit, I spent a lot of time playing 'spot the kanji in the background'. Visually stunning, and probably the best of the three.

Dredd 3D

Based on the trailers, this looked a little like Blade Runner too with beautifully ethereal slow-motion shots. Those were taken from brief moments in the film where people take a drug that's very similar to Brass Eye's Cake, and the rest of the film is massively gory. Massively, massively gory. But pretty good for what it is. If you can stomach it, you'll love this.


I still don't know how I feel about this one. Every time someone says how wonderful it was, I can't help but nod at all the things they point out, but overall I didn't feel it. At its core, it's a thoughtful, intelligent movie about time travel that takes itself seriously, but the whole time travel mechanism is broken. Oops.

(Also, it turns into a new movie about half-way through and every female character is literally a mother or a whore. Most of those praising it consider the first point a plus and don't notice the second.)

Next up: Skyfall.
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Alan Scott (Pre-Reboot as a Gay Superhero) Goes To A Gay Bar
Comics: Northstar's Gay Wedding
Photography: Reach For The Star
Space: Compilation of the Best Photos of Venus Transiting the Sun Venus Transit would be an awesome name for a band.
Tech: Naming The iMac
Webcomics: SMBC: Stand-off ...Whoa.
Weiss Side B: [personal profile] fishlove is doing an awesome series of comics in MSPaint summarising Weiss Side B. Cover // Summary // Back In Time // End Of Volume Two // Let's Stop This Fight To Talk About My Feelings // Around The World End Of Volume Three

It was only last week that I finished reading "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury, who recently passed away. It was a beautiful poetic book about an evil carnival that had some breath-taking turns of phrase in it. I thought the "solution" at the end was a bit trite, but the rest makes up for it. Thoroughly recommended.

I'm now in Oxfordshire. With the influence of the Jubilee, most towns have gone somewhat Wicker Man and this place is no exception. You'll be walking along and there'll be Morris dancers and three-legged races and the whole street surrounding the church will be strewn with bunting. Street parties are mandatory because we have to be ordered to sit down with our neighbours and have a party. For Queen and Country, you know.

We're now living in a 200 year old listed building with a thatched roof in small village that requires that you pay a toll of 5p (8 cents/6 yen) to cross the bridge in a car to reach it. Buses and trucks cost extra, sometimes as much as 10p.

I went to see Prometheus a few days ago. It really is an epic story, with one of the most horrific scenes I've seen in film. It's rated 15, because they don't swear. Probably one of the biggest questions is how much of a connection there is to the Alien franchise. Answer Behind The Cut. Prometheus Spoilers, obviously. )
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Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch (Thanks, [personal profile] golden_bastet)
Fashion: Steampunk Plague Doctor
LGBT: Lambda (LGBT) Literary Award Finalists Announced There's one book in both the trans* category and the SFF category. Well. This is Relevant To My Interests. However, I read the synopsis (here or here) and it sounds bad. Basically: Damon loves his girlfriend Alex. What he doesn't know is that she is actually a shapeshifter capable of changing her physical sex at will. Her parents implant a device that makes her permanently male, the gender which they view her as. Alex is distraught, but she'd better get used to it, as there's going to be a whole lot of angsty buttsex as poor Damon comes to terms with loving... a man! Having said that, due to the whole nature of the awards, I presume at least one trans* person on the committee has read it and felt that it spoke to them in some way.
Movies: In Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Will Be Aliens

I went into London on Wednesday (another interview) and headed to the National Gallery beforehand and the National Portrait Gallery after.

I'll hear back about the job on Monday, which starts the following day. If I get it (unlikely...), that will mean an emergency relocation to London. It'd be brilliant if I did though.

My writing is getting back on track and I've started outlining a new full-length story, although what I'm reading tends to influence the voice a lot. I just finished "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher, and that's more deadpan than what I was going for originally.

Napoleon Dynamite was on TV last night, so J and I stayed up late watching it and eating homemade Black Forest gateau cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I'd never seen the film before, couldn't remember what I'd heard it was about, and the first fifteen minutes didn't help much. Probably I'd filed it in the back of my mind solely due to its status as a cult movie. Anyway, once I got into it, I liked it quite a bit, although it'll never make my top ten. There's a clever bit where they're at the prom watching everyone else dance to "Forever Young" though.


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