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How To Approach An Employment Agency If You Don't Really Want A Job I was searching for info on approaching recruitment agencies and found this. Pretty close to home, although I do want a job!
Animals: Lookout Lodge at Whipsnade Zoo I want to do this next year! Has anyone tried it?
The Avengers: The Avengers As Medieval Knights
Earthquakes: 100 Years of Earthquake You can't even see Japan on there under all the neon green indicators of seismic activity. You can't see Britain either, because it's blacked out due to having no indicators.
Game of Thrones: A Man Is Excellent At Disguises Spoilers! :P
Internet: Carreon vs The Oatmeal Comes To An End
Japan: 10,000 or 65,000 or 200,000 People Protest Oi Nuclear Reactor Restart The figure depends on who you ask (the middle figure comes from "local news organisations" in another article).
LGBT: Stats On LGBT Characters In Young Adult Fiction (2011) I'm not sure the data-gathering method is the best, but it's a start.
London: Sh*t Londoners Never Say Involving some of the people I met at improv in London.
Spider-Man: Steampunk Spider-Man
Writing: My Favorite Bit Writers talk about their favourite aspects of their novels.

Today, I'm waiting for the IKEA delivery people to arrive. They were supposed to come two weeks ago, but never showed up. Turns out they tried to deliver it next door, realised no one was in, then just went home despite having our mobile phone number on file. We didn't get an apology or anything.

So today we have to wait all day in the house while the carnival is in town. Stupid, stupid IKEA. I hope they come soon, but we should be able to go eventually since the event goes on until 10pm.

I went to a gym yesterday. It's a pretty good gym, and they have both a boxing ring and an MMA cage. I just had a go on the machines though, for my first time.
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