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It was only last week that I finished reading "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury, who recently passed away. It was a beautiful poetic book about an evil carnival that had some breath-taking turns of phrase in it. I thought the "solution" at the end was a bit trite, but the rest makes up for it. Thoroughly recommended.

I'm now in Oxfordshire. With the influence of the Jubilee, most towns have gone somewhat Wicker Man and this place is no exception. You'll be walking along and there'll be Morris dancers and three-legged races and the whole street surrounding the church will be strewn with bunting. Street parties are mandatory because we have to be ordered to sit down with our neighbours and have a party. For Queen and Country, you know.

We're now living in a 200 year old listed building with a thatched roof in small village that requires that you pay a toll of 5p (8 cents/6 yen) to cross the bridge in a car to reach it. Buses and trucks cost extra, sometimes as much as 10p.

I went to see Prometheus a few days ago. It really is an epic story, with one of the most horrific scenes I've seen in film. It's rated 15, because they don't swear. Probably one of the biggest questions is how much of a connection there is to the Alien franchise. The answer is yes, there is! And they've apparently wiped out the Predator connection. (J said that he couldn't understand why, when they put so much effort into slotting the Aliens Versus Predators movie into continuity. My thoughts is that the vast majority of cinema-goers either couldn't give a crap about the connection between these two alien races or would prefer them as separate mythologies. Also, the AvP movies were rubbish.)

Anyway, there are hundreds of call-outs to the previous Alien films, from soundtrack to lines of dialogue to including a Ripleyesque ending monologue. And there is HR Giger. Of course there is.

But the Xenomorph as we know it, doesn't appear until the very, very final shot. Nicely played.

There's less Horror this time, but there are some really horrific scenes. The most prominent one has to be where Shaw (key female protagonist) finds out she's three months pregnant despite having been in stasis at that time. And no, she can't see the ultrasound. And the automated surgery unit is calibrated for men only. But she finds a way. Yes, she does.

I have no idea how I feel about David, but Fassbender plays him very well.

Overall, a great movie, but definitely not for everyone.
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