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The [ghoul] leader made a dismissive gesture with a paw. “We steal bodies. My people, we have stolen three dead popes. The Vatican was very cross. Glass things, chemicals, books, they will be no trouble. Much easier than dead popes.”

“Why on Earth did you steal three dead popes?” asked Cabal.

“First, to make the Vatican very cross. That was funny. Second reason, delicious.”

--Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute.

Johannes Cabal is a misanthropic necromancer dedicated to science. Before the first book (Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer) has even started, he's signed away his soul in return for the secrets of necromancy. To get it back, he marches into Hell and makes a deal with the Devil to deliver one hundred souls within a year. The Devil insists he uses an Evil Carnival, but Johannes doesn't do "fun" and has never even been to a carnival.

If you're British, you can just go into your main library and borrow the first three books in the series. It really is that easy.

Please. Don't let me be alone in this.

Johannes Cabal Series Fanart:

[Fanart] When Evil Walks Abroad (Johannes) by anatidaephobicneuro
[Fanart] Cabal and the Crow by critcrockett
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal Animated Gifs by critcrockett
[Fanart] Some Little Infamy (Johannes & Leonie) by harpymarx
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by herringbones
[Fanart] Johannes & Horst posted by indubitablyjohannescabal
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by keyboardsmashwriters
[Fanart] Cabal Brothers by kingslayin
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Horst Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by professormorriarty
[Fanart] Johannes The Pony by qualapec
[Fanart] Graveyard Smash (Johannes) by redEight
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by redEight
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal The Necromancer by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Johannes & Horst by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Herr Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Horst Cabal by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Philosophical Minefield (Johannes & Horst) by shiftdigit
[Fanart] Agents of Evil (Johannes & Horst) by the-infamous-padfoot
[Fanart] Johannes vs Zombies by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by thesanityclause
[Fanart] Johannes Cabal by wallabri
[Fanart, Crossover] Johannes Cabal/Good Omens by wallabri

Images with Mild Spoilers or are Pointless if you haven't Read the Books Already

[Misc] Johannes Cabal's House in Minecraft by enemyterritori
[Misc, Spoilers: The Fear Institute] Zebras from ladykrampus
[Fanart, Spoilers: The Necromancer] Johannes Cabal by plaidypus
[Fanart, Spoilers: The Necromancer] Horst in the Crypt by the-infamous-padfoot
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