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It's been a while -- last time I posted, I'd just ordered Tiger and Bunny tickets months in advance. Yesterday I went to see it.

I'd decided to walk to the Southbank BFI building, even though it was raining. This was a mistake. One mile into my journey, I walked around some posh department store where I definitely didn't belong just to dry off. About two miles into my journey, I decided I should buy an umbrella. The first two stalls I passed had them for £3.99, which was too expensive. Then I found a market up a tiny alley that sold them for £2.99. A bargain!

The rain eased off almost immediately, as I suspected it might. Luckily, it resumed about ten minutes later. One crossroad later, and my umbrella flew inside out several times and a passerby had to help me wrangle it into shape.

It was one of those ones where the central pole is split into three parts which collapse into each other. It soon transpired that they couldn't hold up to the force of the wind and they slid into each other permanently. Buckled by crosswinds as I crossed a busy intersection, I found out that the ribs and stretchers were so beaten up, I couldn't fold it up either.

Okay. So I had an umbrella with a very short handle. I crossed over Waterloo Bridge, where the winds were intense and the ribs were drooping. As I got into the home stretch, the wind bent the central pole in half!

I walked into the British Film Institute dripping wet and walking my umbrella as if it were a dog. I'd have looked even stupider if I'd tried to hold it above my head. I was a few hours early, but it wasn't like I was going to leave the building. I had a walk around, saw a group of cosplayers but was too shy to talk to them. I went to the cafe, ordered a black coffee and sat there for a bit working on a story and listening to the people next to me. Mostly the latter -- the guy was an arsehole who was a joy to listen to.

[Review starts here]

Overall, the first section is a retread of the start of the anime series and that episode where they stop the boy manipulating the statues. This has plenty of new interpretations of scenes plus extensive fanservice, even if that's just adding more fried rice to a scene.

The second half features a guy called Robin Baxter, voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei who was also Sena in Weiss Kreuz Gluhen. Quite high-pitched and "insane-sounding". He goes about on rollerblades and his NEXT power is his ability to switch places with other people, meaning that he can kind of teleport. However, he can only do that if he can see the person he's switching with. He runs into a theme park, which gives him lots of options for switching.

Kotetsu has a great idea -- he links arms with Bunny and challenges Robin, the idea being that one of them will be holding him no matter who he swaps places with. Robin just blades in the opposite direction, and Bunny thinks of his own plan, which works. It only transpires later that Kotetsu held off the other heroes and gave Bunny the space to carry out his plan. Saitou reveals this to Bunny by showing him Kotetsu's suit cam, while Kotetsu mentions this while eating hotdogs with Rock Bison.

Some random memories:
*It starts with Kotetsu making fried rice and leaving his house. You can see he has a whole closet of identical hats. Got a laugh from the cinema.
*Extended scene with Kotetsu and Tomoe in her wedding dress. A pop song over it?
*Extra scene after the living statue broadcast. Kotetsu tells the heroes that Bunny wants to meet them and tells Bunny they want to meet with him. Opens with Rock Bison naked from the waist up and Dragon Kid examining his body saying she'd never seen him under his suit before.
*Extended scene of all the heroes getting ready in their trailers.
*Lots more Origami Cyclone and Rock Bison in terms of spoken lines. Less Blue Rose and Sky High, but more fanservice for Blue Rose.
*Fire Emblem is more flaming too, often not really in a way that I like. I feel he should *ask* to pounce, rather than just doing so.
*There's an entire Pepsi NEX segment and I don't know if I find it obnoxious or satirical.

Overall, an awesome feel-good movie, but probably not so useful if you want to get into the show. There are so many more references and more of what we liked before (I think that's what causing the problem with Fire Emblem's characterisation).

As I left London, I saw a woman in the train station clutching the pink Bunny doll and I got a happy all over again.
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