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Small Demons Collecting and displaying countries, music, brands and anything else mentioned in certain books.
Cats: Cat Tent For Sick Teenager
Concept Art: Neuromancer One of the most awesome things about Neuromancer is that it starts off in Chiba. The only thing they could have done to make it even more awesome is to set it in Saitama.
Concept Art: Total Recall
Concept Art: Hellraiser A little old, perhaps...
Photography: Instagrams As They Happen Around The The World
Tiger & Bunny: Tiger&Bunny UK Screening
Toys: Gender Neutral Look For Harrods' Toy Dept

On Monday, J and I went into London to watch Greco-Roman wrestling and saw Matsumoto Ryutaro, a salaryman from Tokyo, advance to the finals. While we didn't see the finals, since it's a different event, he went on to win bronze in his weight class. Along the way, there was a furious French guy who refused to hold the ref's hand to declare the winner and threw his arms wide open in front of the judges, demanding that they rethink their decision. They didn't. Finally, there was the Russian guy who cut open his head and had to be bandaged-up mid-fight. J said he probably wouldn't win, but I knew that as long as anime hasn't lied to me, that was a sign he would definitely win. He went on to get silver.

I can get one free Greco-Roman wrestling class at my gym...


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