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I have just returned from a creative retreat in Yorkshire that involved meditation, Qi Gong, crafting sessions and afternoon tea.

Of course, that isn't quite the whole truth, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I hope the name doesn't give away anything.

These are the photographs with no people in them, because everyone's a little shy. I'll try to figure out how to put the rest of the photos under a Squee Fest-only friendslock later

Click on any photo to see a bigger version in a new tab.


It was raining when I got out at York on Friday afternoon. This white water lily was one of the first things I saw coming out of the station. After that, I visited York Minster Cathedral, which is a gothic masterpiece, as you can see.


I was busy with workshops most of Saturday, plus that was when I took most of my photos of people. The first photo is of Squeehouse B. The building on the far right is just a building that was next to the campus that looked dramatic.


I wandered off site during the crafting session, since I don't really do anything like that. These are a row of houses that were close to the campus, followed by a black swan found on another campus nearby.

The first picture is on the river where I found the black swan. The other two are of the field at the end of the road where we were staying.

Here is the true reason why there are so many more pictures of Sunday's activities. Yes, I take my camera to teashops. Yes, I have a problem. These various cakes belong to [personal profile] puddingcat, [personal profile] daegaer and me.

These are all [personal profile] zalia's. I heard she takes commissions.


After the goodbyes, some of us went to a chocolate museum (warning: auto-video). That was pretty fun, and I got to taste Aztec chocolate (a cold water, chili and cocoa drink). I'd been doing some research on that recently for writing purposes, so it was good to taste it. The final picture of this row is the famous Shambles, now primarily a tourist street.

This, I think, is the church that [personal profile] arnheimsdomain directed me to as a potential photographic subject.

The nearby park and its ruins.

The view of York Minster Cathedral from the city walls.


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